Jakob Sullins: A Star Leader Nominated By Teammates

Jakob Sullins, a 13-year-old soccer star and leader, has earned the respect of his teammates on his Knights soccer team.

It is a testament not only to a player’s game, but also his character when a team votes anonymously for the player they believe should be nominated for recognition on the team.

Jakob Sullins, a 13-year-old soccer standout at Clarke Middle School, was chosen by his peers as the star athlete nominee on his Oconee County Parks and Recreation U14 Knights soccer team.

It is obvious that one of the main qualities considered when the team chose their star athlete was leadership. 

“[Sullins] has had leadership qualities off the field. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does he always has positive things to say and great advice for improvement of the team,” Sullins’s coach, David Barnhart said.

Barnhart also noted that Sullins’s field of vision to know where his fellow teammates are consistently creates scoring opportunities, making him an important presence and leader on the field.

A true leader of a team is often one that leads by example.

Sullins’s constant hustle on the field and his focus on the success of the team motivates his teammates to excel as well, according to Barnhart. 

As a versatile player, Sullins has played goalie, defense, and offense.

The athlete’s ability to play various positions and succeed is largely due to his dedication away from structured practices and games.

 “I can tell that Jakob practices away from the team practices. He wants to learn new skills and always has a positive attitude,” Barnhart said.

With the determination, respect from teammates, and leadership skills that Sullins already has, it will be no surprise to learn of this star soccer player’s further success in future. 


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