Auburn All-Stars Baseball Team Looks for Help to Get to State

The Auburn Pre-Majors All-Stars are headed to Columbus, Ga., then hopefully to the World Series in Fla.

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Submitted by Michelle Thomas

The Auburn Pre-Majors All-Stars are seeking a sponsorship for the upcoming State Tournament. This is the first Pre-Major All Star team from Auburn, GA to attend the State championship and they are very excited for this opportunity.

The team consists of 15 young men, ranging in ages from age 15 to 17, who have dedicated themselves to the game and have earned the special privilege of playing in this tournament.

Because of this hard work and dedication, these boys will have the unique privilege to travel to Columbus, GA for the State Tournament July 11th through July 14th and possibly move on to Chipley FL for the World Series at the end of July.

It is also possible that there may be college scouts at the tournament, which would be an amazing opportunity for these high school age boys as well.

Unfortunately the trip to the tournament is costly. They are in need of uniforms, accommodations and other items to sustain the boys for the 4 day tournament.

They will be holding fundraisers through out the community during the month of June, asking for local business owners to help by becoming Sponsors, and asking for donations from family and friends in hopes of meeting their goal.

They have two Sponsorship levels for business owners and they will have the local company name/logo printed on their Sponsor banner that will be proudly displayed during the tournament. They would greatly appreciate any assistance the community may offer.

They are in hopes that this upcoming tournament might be able to bring a positive spotlight to Auburn and it's many wonderful business located within the small town, and as an opportunity to promote the products and companies through a sponsorship relationship.

Please visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/auburnpremajors14


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