Readers Agree: Extra-Terrestrial Beings Have Visited Earth

Poll respondents also shared a united view regarding Dennis Rodman's basketball diplomacy.

Is the truth out there? Credit: Morguefile
Is the truth out there? Credit: Morguefile
Have beings from another planet visited Earth? Nearly 80 percent of Patch poll respondents believe aliens have indeed landed on our fair planet.

In another surprising display of reader unity, more than 80 percent of poll respondents are of the opinion that Dennis Rodman's basketball diplomacy is not helpful.

Last week, we also surveyed readers on zero tolerance policiesincome inequality and a proposed class-action lawsuit against the NSA. Click on the links above to vote in the polls and see how others voted (results listed above were accurate as of Jan. 10).

Note: Polls are not scientific. They are for entertainment purposes only.

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