Supreme Court Got it Wrong Again

The Supreme Court allows lying about military service when a person is running for elective office.

Almost lost in the ruling by the Supreme Court, recently, with all the news of the upholding of Obamacare, was the ruling allowing for lies about military service if one is running for elective office.

When I first heard this ruling, given by the Supreme Court, I was sure it was a ruse. Someone trying to be funny was my first impression of the reality of the Supreme Court ruling that when a person is running for elective office, they can make speeches filled with lies about military service, including medals they received (which turns out to be false) without fear of being prosecuted for lying.

The obvious question begging to be asked is; “What is up with that?” The answer that must be given is the United State Supreme Court has taken respect for military service and patriotism to the newest low in the history of our nation. My respect for people who are willing to volunteer to service in our United States military is off of the chart on the top side. This ruling by the Supreme Court is a slap in the face of all people who have served, are now serving and will ever serve their country in the military. To give the lying cheats a pass on this issue just because they are running for elective office causes me to realize we are further down a road of no return than ever. How these blacked robed judges can sit in their ivory tower, under the protection of the United States military, and rule that a candidate for any office can lie about their military service and be allowed to do so by the supreme law of the land is something, in my wildest nightmare, I never thought would happen. How this issue ever made it all the way to the Supreme Court remains a mystery.

For any person who has ever served this nation and gave their life fighting for our freedoms to be so denigrated is unconscionable. For the Supreme Court to say lying cheats who never served can say they did, is something this nation should never allow.

Where will lying stop? Have we become a nation of liars? Are we at the point to where we can believe no one who offers to run for public elective office? With the blessing of the Supreme Court will we see more candidates announce medals, years of service and heroic combat incidences that never happened, with no fear of being exposed as lying cheaters? If a person lies about their military service (that never happened) what more will they be allowed a free pass to lie about? With this ruling we have the prolonging of the old adage that all politicians are liars.

My respect of this ruling by the Supreme Court has now placed them in the lowest rung of respect ever. From where I stand, my respect for the military and those who really serve is highest ever.

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christine July 16, 2012 at 12:46 PM
This makes me sick. I agree with you about my respect being off the top of the charts also. Big thanks to our Military, past and present.
James McNamara July 16, 2012 at 02:28 PM
As a retired serviceman, I'm torn in two directions on this one. On one hand, I swore to support and defend the Constitution, including the First Amendment and it's free speech clause. On the other, the medals and rank earned by members of our armed forces are sacrosanct and must remain so. Almost immediately following the Supreme Court decision came two separate reports that should help in this situation. The first was an announcement by the Department of Defense that they were developing a database that would enable tracking the veracity of those claiming military service and valor. If someone says they served and received certain awards and rank, a quick check of the database could offer proof or evidence of a lie. Let the voters, potential employers, or other decide what action should be taken. The second was the announcement by bipartisan members of Congress who publicized a tweaked version of the law, introduced last year, which would make it a federal crime to receive a benefit from lying about military service. I like the tweaked bill because it still permits free speech and yet makes it illegal to benefit from a lie.


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