Get to Know Carl Wood, a Candidate for Bethlehem’s Post 4 Council Seat

Barrow Patch shines a light on former council member who seeks reelection to the Town Council in November.

Carl Wood, Jr. is no stranger to the town council in Bethlehem.

Following a four-year respite after proudly serving the town from 2003 to 2007, Wood wishes to assume a place at the council table once again.

During his earlier service, the town of Bethlehem experienced some exciting changes thanks to the efforts of the mayor and council at the time, including the purchase of land and construction of a utility building, park, gazebo and pavilion for the enjoyment of the people of Bethlehem.

The council also began negotiations with the Georgia Department of Transportation to incorporate a traffic light at the town’s major intersection — a project that will finally see completion in 2012.

Born and raised in “the little town under the star”, Wood now lives with his wife Stella on Joseph Street. After devoting three decades to General Motors in Doraville — rising through the ranks from a hood fitter in the chassis department to a team leader and trainer — Wood retired from the automotive plant in 2008. He feels he is uniquely qualified for the role of council member thanks to his previous experience and the fact that as a retiree, he can devote more time to the city and the needs of its residents.

“My goal is to make the wisest decisions based upon the wants and the needs of the people of Bethlehem,” Wood said. “That’s why I want to go back now. There is no unlimited coffer of money in Bethlehem, so I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep just to get elected. I believe I can be a good steward of the people’s money, and I want to serve my community and take care of needs as they arise.”

Wood recalls fondly the fellowship and camaraderie he shared with his former fellow council members, and he takes pride in their reputation for being able to meet and take care of business. He believes he will experience more of the same if he is re-elected during the Municipal General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Wood faces off against incumbent and local resident .

“I’m not a complicated man,” Wood said in closing. “I can do as well as most candidates, and even better than some.”

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