Georgia 'Slow Poke' Law Goes Into Effect

The law is meant to reduce road rage and tailgating while improving traffic flow.

Georgia's HB 459 may help decrease traffic jams. (Patch file photo)
Georgia's HB 459 may help decrease traffic jams. (Patch file photo)

The so-called Georgia “Slow Poke” law goes into effect Tuesday, July 1.

The law requires drivers in the left lane of a four-lane Georgia highway (two lanes in each direction or more) to move to the right when a vehicle traveling faster comes up from behind. The law is meant to reduce congestion by freeing up the “fast lane” for drivers traveling faster, and it is meant to reduce road rage incidents and tailgating.

On Monday, Patch reported Atlanta is the third-worst major metro area in the country for “discourteous” driving over the Fourth of July weekend, according to a report from Safeco Insurance.

The “Slow Poke” law (officially HB 459) allows law enforcement to ticket drivers who are impeding the flow of traffic by driving too slowly in the left lane. Exceptions may be made for vehicles turning left or when traffic conditions necessitate usage of the left lane.

You can read the full text of HB 459 bill here

Cain Harris July 06, 2014 at 11:21 PM
Bless your heart NY, I have been to New York and they are the worse drivers on the planet. As the late great Lewis Grizzard once said, Delta is ready when you are!
Tyler Jozefowicz July 07, 2014 at 10:04 PM
Stay in the right hand lane and drive at a reasonable speed. Never saw so many Georgians bent on speed in the left lane. must be that good old boy NASCAR mentality catching on. Speed kills.
Cain Harris July 07, 2014 at 10:35 PM
Speed limit was 75 or higher when I was a kid. Everyone drove 85 & 90. Now some folks consider 75 to be too fast. The new law only makes the traffic flow better and let's face it, makes perfect sense unless you have an ego problem and don't like being passed.
janh999 July 09, 2014 at 09:07 AM
Did some research & RAY J will be surprised to know that EVERY STATE has a law that slower traffic has move to the right. Some specify if doing the speed limit, some don't. But in any case, when you learn to drive it is in your little permit booklet in every state that you must move to the right for faster traffic to pass on your left. Maybe RAY J should check his facts before he spouts from the know all fountain. And for Mary Brown, Its illegal to pass on the right, that's why they made this law more clear. Its not up to you to decide who you will let pass, Its a law which makes you the problem


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