Courthouse Conduct: 'Only a Few Last Night'

A Cartersville resident who said he had to pay his taxes was jailed on suspicion of public drunkenness after a run in with security.

An allegedly intoxicated man yesterday passed through security, then stumbled about the courthouse, even falling on another man, before he was handcuffed and jailed.

Authorities say Anthony Troy Kiser, 49, was unsteady on his feet, "bobbing" as he underwent a security screening about 9:45 a.m. at the . With "extremely slurred" speech, Kiser said he has "pins in his back" and was going to pay his taxes.

But he didn't get far with deputies observing his behavior. Kiser continued toward the tax office, then turned around, "wavering from side to side as he walked" down the hall, and headed for probate court, officers said in the incident report.

Before stumbling, tripping and falling in the lap of man seated outside the courtroom, Kiser said he was with his niece for her court appearance, but authorities learned she had not been in court. Kiser later said he got to the courthouse in a taxi.

Insisting he had "only a few last night," Kiser was led away in handcuffs after he "mildly" resisted, deputies reported. The Cantrell Lane resident said he has trouble walking due to back problems.

Despite the pins and problems, Kiser allegedly lunged at a jail officer during book-in procedures and after failing to provide an adequate sample for a breath-alcohol test, authorities say.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, a county ordinance violation that carries a $162 cash bond.

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Beth Pruitt April 16, 2012 at 02:55 PM
This is a sad & humiliating heart breaking situation for the Family. To many lives are destroyed by drugs & alchohol. Unfortunately, there are not many options for the families to seek help for their loved ones due to financials & insurance coverage. The only option most families like my family. Is to try the 72 hr -7 day detox programs & pray for miracles. When the prayers go unanswered then you find your self praying that the Judicial system can assist in the recovery. It is very sad to wish that your Brother will get arrested on a long term basis to clean away the demons. In hopes of the Alcoholic/addict that they have become to disappear so that the healing can begin.


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