America is No Longer a Super Power

International bullies have always tried to push their way onto others outside their own countries.

Running the risk of beating a dead horse concerning the issues we are facing in our nation, I believe it is necessary to remind all who read this column of a day when our nation was a leader in the free world. That is no longer true.

There was a day when the leaders of our nation would speak on international issues and their words were heeded. That is no longer happening.

The opposite is true, as our leaders are mocked and the issues facing the global markets dictate to our country rather than our country setting the standard for international exchange. We know from the study of history that the policy of appeasement never works to the advantage of any but the weak. International bullies have always tried to push their way onto others outside their own countries. When we embrace the view that if we just let others know we desire that they like us, then they will stand in line to support all positions we put forward in international relations.

We are seeing what is happening with the uprising that has continued to be a part of that which has been called the Arab Spring. The revolution, beginning in late 2010, continues across the Arab world, but it is now spreading to our country as the assaults on sovereign property housing our embassies are being destroyed in nations where we supposedly have diplomatic immunity and relationships. To plot and carry out an assassination of a country’s ambassador is a declaration of war against the sending nation. These are not just random acts of violence, but well planned plots to further belittle the influence of our nation worldwide.    

Just as our nation came together following the brazen attack of September 11, 2001, it is time for our nation to rally again by calling for leaders who will protect our name and its citizens anywhere in the world. When a person is part of the international diplomatic community there are treaties and agreements assuring their safety while they are there on behalf of the country they are representing. When those accords break down, no one can be safe anywhere in the world. Should there be such activity in our nation against ambassadors from other countries, there would be a worldwide outcry for something to be done to bring the murderers to justice as there should be. When our leaders choose to look the other way, it is time for the taxpaying citizens to become engaged and to be heard by their representatives in Washington. We need to contact our elected leaders letting them know we demand positive results from them by standing up for our nation to the other countries of the world.

From where I stand, I am certain of the way people get power; it is given to them. When we refuse to engage on the issues before us in our country we can be sure bullies will step up and push our country around.

What do you think will restore our nation to super power status? Tell us in comments. 

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