Winder Resident Arrested After Reportedly 'Acting Out'

A witness told police the man had possibly consumed some type of narcotic and was striking a driveway with a piece of wood and a pipe.

Officers with the Winder Police Department arrested a Winder resident Saturday, Feb. 9, after a complainant called 911 to report a driver in the area of North Center Street and West New Street was running stop signs and speeding. 

When police located the vehicle the caller had described at a Center Street residence, two women were exiting the home, and one told an officer they must be looking for her boyfriend.

The other woman said the man had possibly consumed some type of narcotic and was "acting out," reportedly striking the driveway with a piece of wood and a pipe, and that he was on foot somewhere in the area. The two women said they had locked themselves inside the residence, placing chairs in the doorways, to prevent the suspect from entering. 

Police were searching the area for the man when an officer heard wood striking concrete, followed by a piece of metal being thrown or kicked around and a male yelling. The officer determined the suspect had returned to his residence. When the officer confronted the man, he ran. 

Following a search of the neighborhood, police arrested 43-year-old Christopher William White when he attempted to return to his vehicle.

"Mr. White stated he had done nothing wrong," an officer wrote in an incident report. "I explained I looked right at him when he ran away and refused to stop when given a lawful command." 

White is charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. 

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