Winder Man Plots With Wife to Have Himself Murdered

Man contacted the Barrow County Sheriff's Office to report that his wife was attempting to have him killed.

A Winder man recently assumed the identity of his wife's boyfriend in an attempt to prove his wife wanted him dead.

The husband contacted the Barrow County Sheriff's Office on May 12 to present the results of his scheme. According to the incident report, the husband showed the deputy numerous text messages between his wife and "Don Juan," the wife's boyfriend. Don Juan, the husband explained, was the identity he assumed to entrap his wife. 

The husband allowed the deputy to read the text exchange he had carried out with his wife while pretending to be his wife's boyfriend. The text messages began with discussions of a sexual nature and then progressed to one in which the husband, pretending to be Don Juan, asked the wife about himself.

"[The wife] replied with statements that said that she had DFACS working on him and he would get what he deserved," the report stated. 

The husband, according to the report, then sent a text to his wife saying she should have him killed. The husband continued to send texts indicating he knew people who could do it and make it look like a robbery.

"[The husband] was essentially plotting with his wife to have himself murdered," the deputy determined.

The husband persisted with the line of discussion and even suggested he and his wife could split the life insurance proceeds.

"He continued this until he was satisfied that he could show law enforcement texts that he could allege that she was trying to have him killed," the deputy wrote.

The deputy advised the husband he could not entrap someone into a murder scheme by harassing them about it. The deputy encouraged the man to stop contacting his wife and get a temporary restraining order if he was concerned about his safety.

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All out to go May 17, 2013 at 02:22 PM
If the "WIFE" had don't the opposite. The Barrow County Dip S--t Cops would be all over it... Barrow County is the Arm Pit of Georgia.


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