Grinches Strike around Northeast Georgia in This Week's Weird Crime News

Holidays were spoiled his past week by Grinch-like suspects.

Who takes a holiday decoration right from a neighborhood's welcome sign? The Grinch.

Who breaks into a church and steals all the stuff you need to make and spread music? The Grinch.

Who slithers into a gym locker room and makes off with people's wallets and iPhones while they're exercising? The Grinch.

Who ? The Grinch. (And hopefully not worse.)

Who leers around a home with bad intentions but gets noticed by an alert occupant? The Grinch.

Who takes stuff without asking — and then brings it back without being asked? The Grinch.

And, who, in the end, releases his inhibitions and runs into the streets to celebrate with the masses? The Grinch.

It's a magical time of year.

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