Eating Evidence, Fighting Over Cigarettes and Pizza Thievery: Weird Crime News

Here's what police officers around Northeast Georgia were up against recently.

Eating the evidence 

A man pulled over for suspicion of DUI by a Loganville Police Department officer was seen chewing on a green leafy substance. Wonder what that was? The suspect refused to open his mouth and continually turned away from the officer's eyes, but he still got pinched for drug possession. The officer found a bundle of white pills hidden in the man’s underwear.

Nicotine fits

They say cigarettes are like money in jail, which is exactly where three people found themselves after a dispute over some missing smokes. A Winder man didn’t have proof that a Dacula man he knew had taken some of his cigarettes, so he did what he thought was logical — he took the man’s guitar and put it in his car just to make a point. To retaliate, the guitar owner and an accomplice scratched a sexual drawing and expletives on the Winder man’s car. All three were arrested.

'Yapping' leads to gun confrontation

A exchange of words outside a Dacula-area QuikTrip on Christmas Eve led to two men going to their vehicles to get their guns. Inside the convenience store, one of the men told the clerk to stop “yapping,” to which the second man, a Buford resident, replied, “Dogs yap, I’m a grown man.” The jawing kept going outside, where the first man went to his Porsche Cayman, grabbed his gun and pointed it at the Buford man, who went to his truck to get his piece. The suspect then drove away. No shots were fired.

Not sticker-shocked

A bumper sticker on a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban was holiday-inspired — "Love God. Love People." But that didn’t keep it from being stolen from a Peachtree Corners driveway on Christmas Eve.

This for $15?

A Sandy Springs woman visiting at a Peachtree Corners apartment complex was a victim of an armed robbery in the parking lot. The suspect held a gun to her head and ran away with 15 bucks.

Pizza news

Checking out news from the Athens-Clarke County Police is always a treat. In one case, a pizza delivery man attempted to deliver a fake order to an apartment. He was then approached by a suspect who took the pizza, asked for change for $100, then robbed him. More than a pie was taken when a .

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