Winder Woman Who Feeds the Homeless Robbed of Valuables

At times more than 1,000 people visit a Winder home where the resident reports she provides food to the homeless.

A Winder woman who provides food to the homeless recently reported several items stolen from her home. Among the items reported missing were a camera of unknown make or model, two paintings worth approximately $300, a black ring with diamonds and a watch.

responded to the call in the 5th Avenue area of Winder on July 12. The homeowner told officers that she frequently provides food to local homeless individuals and told police, "You would think I am selling drugs" because at times there are more than 1,000 different people in and out of her residence. 

When police suggested that the homeowner secure her home and valuables if she continued serving unknown individuals, the victim stated that she could not turn away hungry people.

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