Trash-Spreading Dogs Create Friction Between Winder Neighbors

One man threatened to shoot dogs because they were loose in his yard and aggressive.

A Winder man, whose dog was suffering a seizure in front of a Barrow County sheriff’s deputy, said he thinks a neighbor may have poisoned the animal because he’s threatened to shoot it before.

According to the incident report, the Beach Creek Circle resident told a deputy on March 4 that a neighbor he wasn’t familiar with knocked on the door and threatened to shoot his dogs because they had been entering his property and leaving trash strewn across the yard and back deck.

The deputy noted, “I observed one of his dogs, in the front doorway. The dog displayed seizure-like symptoms.”

The owner said he had never seen the dog do that before and suspected the neighbor poisoned it. The deputy suggested the dog also could’ve eaten something from the trash and that made it sick.

Later, the deputy spoke to the neighbor, who admitted to threatening the dogs, because they were on his property and one of them became aggressive when approached. The neighbor said the dogs have been coming on his property and getting into the trash for two months. He denied trying to poison the dog.

The deputy determined no crime had been committed and he “cannot show, in any way” that the dog was poisoned.

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janh999 March 11, 2014 at 07:55 AM
While I hope the neighbor didn't do any harm to the dog, I can understand the frustration he has having to put up with the dogs or should I say the owners disrespect. I live on a nice quiet street, but I have many neighbors who own dogs & all of them think its ok to just let them out to roam when its times for them to do their business. I end up with poop on my driveway & on the lawn. My son is constantly stepping in it. If I leave garbage on the back porch to bring down to the trashcan later I find it ripped apart. The dogs have even pooped on my back porch when ripping the garbage. They come after my car when I try to leave my house so Im stuck in the middle of the road trying not to run them over, which sometimes I would love to do (in my head). I have animals & I don't let them roam the neighborhood because of what could happen if left out. Animal control wont do anything cause by the time they get there the dogs are gone.


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