Suspects Used Short-handled Sledge Hammer to Break into Winder Convenience Store

Deputies with the Barrow County Sheriff's Office responded to the BP store at 731 Ga. Highway 211 N.W. about 2:45 a.m. Monday, Aug. 27.

Two cash drawers, both containing $400 cash, and two boxes containing about 30 cartons each of Newport cigarettes were stolen during a smash and grab burglary and a Winder convenience store Monday, Aug. 27. 

Deputies with the responded to the at 731 Ga. Highway 211 N.W. in reference to an alarm and found the glass on the lower half of the front door broken out. 

Shattered glass was found on the floor in front of the register and multiple packs of cigarettes and bottled drinks were found all over the floor in the area behind the front counter. According to an incident report, the office door had been forced open and there was damage around the handle, and papers, loose change and cartons of cigarettes were found lying all over the floor and desk. The front cover and dial of the ATM machine were broken off and glass to the cooler next the ATM was broken out.

The owner of the store arrived on scene and after a brief walk through estimated the damage to the store as greater than $500.

According to the incient report, the store has 16 cameras in various locations both inside and outside. Upon viewing security footage, deputies observed two males breaking out the front glass with a short-handled sledge hammer before proceeding to the office. One male entered the office while the other male walked over to the ATM machine, striking the ATM with the sledge hammer before returning to the office, where both can be seen rummaging through the office. Both the proceeded to the area behind the front counter before exiting the front door carrying boxes and fleeing south along the building in the direction of Winder.

One of the suspects appeared to be a white male wearing a black ski mask covering his face and head. He was wearing a black and red baseball cap with unreadable markings on the front, a light colored T-shirt, dark pants and dark shoes. The suspect was wearing what appeared to be white tube socks on each hand that went up his arms to the elbow. The other suspect appeared to be a heavy-set black male. He was wearing a light colored winter jacket with fur lining around the hood, dark pants and black tennis shoes with thick white soles. The hood was partially covering the suspect's face and he was wearing gloves on both hands.

An investigator was notified of the burglary.

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