Suspect Attempts to Avoid Arrest by Hiding in Storage Room, Holding Door Knob to Keep Deputy Out

Regina Ann Gazaway, 48, was arrested Oct. 20 on an outstanding warrant.

A Winder resident was unsuccessful at avoiding arrest despite hiding in a storage room and attempting to hold the door knob to keep a deputy from entering, according to an incident report. 

Regina Ann Gazaway, 48, was arrested Oct. 20 on an outstanding warrant. A deputy with the Barrow County Sheriff's Office had responded to a Summer Chase Drive residence in an attempt to locate another suspect and learned that while the original suspect was not there, Gazaway, who had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, was present. 

Unable to locate the suspect inside the residence, the deputy was informed she had been sitting at the kitchen table and had walked out the back door when patrol cars arrived. The deputy then exited the residence and checked the wooded area behind it but was unable to locate the suspect. While walking back to the residence, the deputy noticed a storage room. With the homeowner's permission, the deputy attempted to enter the storage area and found the door was locked. The owner then provided a key.

"As I turned the knob I felt someone turn it back," the deputy wrote in the incident report. "I then turned the knob again and attempted to open the door and it felt as if someone was keeping it from opening."

Once the deputy was able to push the door open, the suspect inside was arrested and transported to the Barrow County Detention Center. 

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Eric Bosloor January 22, 2013 at 04:27 AM
This is not usual to have someone hiding inside a storage facility. There have been recent cases of this as well. It is rather sad to find them in a storage room, when you know that they would not have any food or basic sustenance for the rest of the time they are going to stay inside. I am glad that the police managed to find the suspect, otherwise, you will also risk of finding a food-deprived body if the suspect was not found after several days. http://www.supercheapstorage.com.au


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