Car Accident Leads to Profane Tantrum in Daycare Parking Lot

A Dacula driver was arrested for disorderly conduct after cursing and giving police the bird.

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after continually cussing and giving an officer the bird after a car accident on Hog Mountain Road in Dacula.

According to a police report, Preston Schexnayder was arrested when officers responded to a car crash on July 17 at the access road next to the Primrose School of Dacula. According to the police report, Schexnayder admitted to crossing a solid double line to pass a slower vehicle. Schexnayder reported that the slower car sped up and forced him off the road.

Police advised Schexnayder that he was as fault in the accident because he crossed the solid double line. Schexnayder responded to police by saying "That's bull**** he ran me off the road." The officer asked Schexnayder not to cuss and noted that the Primrose School was open and adults and small children were entering and exiting the school at the time.

Schexnayder continued to curse and was advised on multiple occasions that if he did not stop he would be cited and arrested for disorderly conduct. Schexnayder returned to his car at this time and police continued to speak to the Schexnayder's mother outside the vehicle. As the officer was returning to his patrol car, Schexnayder again exited his car and began to shout at the officer. Schexnayder said, "f*** you" multiple times while shooting the officer the bird. According to the report, it was at this time that the officer arrested Schexnayder, who upon being handcuffed became non-compliant and continued to use foul language.

The suspect continued spitting and kicking in the back seat of the patrol car and was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail.

Schexnayder was charged with disorderly conduct, driving on the wrong side of the road, passing in a no passing zone and improper lane change. He was released the following day on a $1,576 bond.

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Other incidents investigated by Gwinnett County Police include:

July 16

  • Burglary in the 2900 block of Millwater Crossing.
  • Simple assault in the 2800 block of Blue Stone Court.
  • DUI arrest (narcotics) near the intersection of Harbins Road and Highway 316.

July 17

  • Disorderly conduct in the 2800 block of Hog Mountain Road.
  • DUI arrests in the 2500 block of Hamilton Mill Road.
  • Home invasion in the 2600 block of Braselton Highway.
  • Battery in the 2400 block of Mitford Court.
  • DUI arrest near the intersection of Harbins Road and Highway 316.
  • Aggravated battery near the intersection of Dacula Road and Winder Highway.
  • Theft by taking in the 2200 block of Hamilton Creek Parkway.
  • Simple assault in the 300 block of Ballyshannon Drive.
  • Entering auto in the 900 block of Harbins Pass Court.

July 18

  • Aggravated assault in the 2600 block of Braselton Highway.
  • Aggravated assault in the 600 block of Swans Landing Drive.
  • Theft from residential mailbox in the 2800 block of Evergreen Eve Crossing.

July 19

  • Theft, lost or mislaid property in the 3600 block of Braselton Highway.
  • Solicitation prohibited in the 2200 block of Harbin Oaks Drive.
  • Burglary/forced residential in the 2900 block of Dacula Oaks Drive.
  • Battery in the 4000 block of Duran Lane.
  • Solicitation prohibited in the 2200 block of Harbin Oaks Drive.
  • Entering auto in the 800 block of Harbins Road.

July 20

  • Theft by taking in the 2600 block of Preston Ridge Lane.
  • Theft by taking in the 2300 block of Winder Highway.

July 21

  • Theft by taking in the 2600 block of Hamilton Mill Road.
  • Financial transaction card fraud in the 1200 block of Dacula Road.
  • Marijuana intent to distribute at Hamilton Mill Road/ I-85 N Ramp.
  • Theft by taking in the 1300 block of Castle Royale Court.
  • Theft by taking in the 700 block of Bridle Creek Way.
  • Burglary/forced residential in the 3000 block of Indian Shoals Road.

July 22

  • Entering auto in the 1200 block of Melrose Forest Lane.
  • Simple battery in the 1000 block of Leighs Brook Way.

July 23

  • Marijuana intent to distribute at Hamilton Mill Road/I-85N Ramp.
  • Entering auto in 2300 block of Hamilton Mill Parkway.
  • DUI arrest (narcotics) at Ashton Pointe Dr/Hog Mountain Road

July 24

  • Identity fraud in the 2600 block of Colleen Lane.

July 25

  • Burglary/non-forced residential 1300 block of Dee Kennedy Road.
  • Identity fraud in the 2700 block of Indian Shoals Road.

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Cynthia Montgomery August 28, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Lou, What is your personal part in this man's behavior? If you know him, go be his mentor-he needs someone. I could not find anywhere in God's word that says, break the law or put those around you in danger. I did find, Honor you Mother and Father. A man selling drugs & making a neighborhood a drive thru drug alley is not a christian action since you have brought God up. This man decided to put children in danger as well as himself during drop off at the neighborhood daycare. Don't run a drug house in a busy family community where families walk their dogs, run each day, & take their children around visiting neighbors in wagons & think neighbors are going to smile. Past history is the best indicator of future behavior. Lou we did "live & let live with the first swat visit. 3 arrest for this man, now we will stay tuned to how this one family is affecting our quality of life. No one" has fun" seeing a family in chaos or watching your neighborhood become a drug haven. Neighbors are met with nasty cursing from this house when parents take their children to the car on their way to school. When was the last time your wife was called a B - - - H while cutting grass or getting the mail? Coming home to the swat team, covered from head to toe, is not how I to be greeted to. If you don't live here you don't know what we deal with. This story won't die because this man enjoys the attention he gets. In our eyes he needs help. God eyes may see something different.
Tammy Osier January 02, 2013 at 12:22 AM
As for the juvenile boot camp I used to work in before the funding ran out... many of the kids we had there had problems such as loss of a loved one, divorce, parent sick... Some act out in anger and rebellion while others don't. But the one thing we never did was make excuses for them. We confronted the behaviors, made sure they knew a bad choice would cause consequences (like a cold shower, sometimes wakes a person up). We didn't hide the truth from them-head on-you could have killed somebody-could have been your family- etc... When they violated probation, they went to jail. Those are grown up consequence. Plenty of opportunities out there presented to make a better choice (we had a psychologist and tons of life skills, tutoring etc...). I just think its sad that society chooses to slap young people on the hand or make excuses. They are doing them no favors. I work in jail ministry, and there, a person might find a new path. Lot's of opportunities if we will stop preventing our kids from suffering a little bit. As far as the bible, Cynthia, God is all about mercy, but where does it omit consequences? It doesn't. Like I said, allowing hard consequences might be the saving grace of some. I can't tell you how many kids get up and testify that they thank GOD that they went to jail. They finally came to the end of themselves and then repentance came. While the prodical's father loved him, he didn't stop him from wallowing with the pigs which made him come to his senses.
Tammy Osier January 02, 2013 at 12:23 AM
The question is, who keeps bailing him out? Might that cotribute to the fact that he hasn't learned anything? I'm with cynthia on this one, being on the wrong side of the road killed one of my parents. This was in front of a daycare. What if....? I have worked with juveniles for a long time, and the variable is the excuse making. Once that stopped, suddenly, the kids had to make hard choices. many made good ones. We, as a society these days just don't want our children to have to suffer any consequences. So, society has to. We had kids just like him in the juvenile boot camp. We need more of them. Plenty of parents would tell you it was a life saver for them.
Cynthia Montgomery January 04, 2013 at 10:00 PM
UPDATE. This man has moved out of our neighborhood and word has it, he is living in the west now with other family members. We wish his Mother a speedy recover and hope 2013 bring enlightenment to this man. Thanks to all who commented, for seeing the thoughts of your fellow neighbors encourages action and commitment to change because you no longer feel like you are the only one with compelling thoughts. Here's hoping 2013 will bring peace to families with drug problems.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew January 05, 2013 at 03:34 AM
When asked Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) by state https://www.citizencorps.gov/cc/CertIndex.do?submitByState


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