Pig Hunters Fail to Bring Home the Bacon

A Winder resident contacted authorities after attempts to capture the pig failed.

A loose pig has been causing problems in a Winder, Ga. neighborhood. [File photo credit: Morguefile]
A loose pig has been causing problems in a Winder, Ga. neighborhood. [File photo credit: Morguefile]
After learning Barrow County Animal Control does not deal with livestock issues, a Winder man decided to see if the Barrow County Sheriff's Office could assist.

A deputy was dispatched to an Eastmont Road on Dec. 1 after the Winder man called to report that a pig had been "rooting all over his lawn." The man said he had contacted Barrow County Animal Control a few days earlier, but they could not help. A day or so later, the man saw a group of people walking through the neighborhood with a net on a long pole. The people, the man explained, were trying to catch the pig, but were apparently unable to do so.

"I walked the property with [the Winder man] and observed several spots where the ground had been disturbed. While walking the property I observed the pig run into the woods as it was spooked by human presence," the deputy wrote in the report. "I informed [the Winder man] that I would go speak with the suspected pig owners ... and have them capture their pig."

The deputy made contact with the pig owner who said he and some helpers had been trying to catch the pig, but had not yet been successful. The pig owner advised he would try again to capture the pig.

The deputy returned to the Winder man's residence to inform him another pig-catching attempt would soon be underway.

"I advised [the Winder man] that the damage to his property would have to be handled civilly if he wished to pursue further action," the deputy noted in the report. "[The Winder man] stated he just wanted the nuisance animal to be gone at whatever cost."

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Tim December 12, 2013 at 08:10 PM


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