News Nearby: Woman Asks Officer to Arrest Man Who Sold Her Drugs, Says She'd be 'Delighted' to Help

The woman said she suspected he had sold her LSD instead of ecstasy.

A 20-year-old college student is facing multiple drug charges after a Feb. 4 traffic stop on Harbins Road in Dacula.

A Gwinnett County Police officer stopped the vehicle driven by Fashionette Diamonds Lee of Lawrenceville after noticing her vehicle had an inoperative headlight and a "tag applied for" sign dispalyed instead of a license plate.

According to the police report, Lee explained that she had purchased the vehicle a few days prior and had yet to obtain a plate. When asked for her license, Lee said she did not have it with her. Her passenger also did not have any identification and informed the officer it was taken for "possession."

"I asked Lee and [the passenger] 'Possession? Is that why I smell weed in the car?' Lee and [the passenger] became very nervous and started trembling considerably," the officer wrote in the report.

The officer noted that both women were drinking heavily from their "Monster" cans.

"At that point, I did not smell any odor consistent with marijuana emitting from the vehicle," the officer wrote.

The officer then asked Lee where the drugs were. Lee denied having any drugs in the vehicle.

"I told Lee that I knew there was weed in the vehicle and that she might as well let me have it," the report stated.

At that point, Lee reached into her glove box and handed the officer a plastic bag containing green, leafy material. When asked if there was anything else in the car, Lee reportedly admitted having "fake mollies" (MDMA) and offered to show the officer where they were if the officer would arrest the person that sold them to her. Lee allegedly informed the officer she thought she had been sold LSD instead of MDMA.

"I looked up the effects of LSD and I'm pretty sure that's what they are. I almost died," Lee reportedly told the officer.

After securing both Lee and her passenger in the patrol car, the officer located nine white pills in the vehicle. The officer showed the pills to Lee who reportedly confirmed they were part of the 11 "fake mollies" she had purchased for $110. Lee then allegedly asked the officer to tell her what the pills really were. 

The pills field tested positive for MDMA. When informed of the results, Lee reportedly said "good."

The officer then advised Lee she was under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Lee demanded to know why she was being arrested and argued she was only holding the drugs for her boyfriend. The officer explained that possession of a controlled substance is a crime. Lee then allegedly said she and her boyfriend had purchased the drugs from someone at Georgia Gwinnett College and she would be "delighted" to help police arrest the dealer.

Lee's car was released to an acquaintance and she was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail where she was booked on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, a headlight violation and failure to have license on person. She was released Feb. 6 on a $4,337 bond.

This post originally appeared on Dacula Patch

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