News Nearby: Stranger Knocks Down, Kicks and Stomps Woman in Athens

The woman said she didn't know her assailant and knew no reason he would attack her.

An officer met with a woman from Kings Road at La Fiesta at 1395 College Station Road in Athens about 9:30 p.m. Jan. 29.

The woman, 35, said she had been having dinner with some friends. An unknown man was there with some other people she knew and she walked out on the patio with him. She said man struck her in the face, knocking her to the ground. He then began striking her while she was on the ground. Witnesses told the officer the male was kicking the woman.

According to the Athens Banner Herald, Officer Christopher Phillips described the attack from surveillance video footage he reviewed at the Mexican restaurant.

“It appears that the suspect intended to cause serious bodily harm or death by stomping on (the victim’s) head while she was laying defenseless on the concrete,” the officer wrote in an incident report.
“It will be noted that upon watching the footage of the attack, I can say that the disregard for human life and brutality of the attack shocks the conscience,” the officer wrote in the report.

As witnesses approached them, the man left the building and got into a white, four-door Lincoln. A heavyset black man wearing a large white T-shirt got in the passenger side. The vehicle was last seen turning right out of the parking lot to travel west on College Station Road.

The suspect was described as tall, thin but muscular, with short hair and a lightly scruffy face. He wore a white or grey long-sleeve shirt. EMS responded but the victim refused transport to the hospital. There is no known reason for the attack. The investigation continues.

This post original appeared on Athens Patch

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