News Nearby: Customer’s ‘Yapping’ Leads to Armed Confrontation in Buford

A man said another man pointed a gun at him during a dispute at a Buford gas station.

A 54-year-old Buford man claims a pistol-bearing older man assaulted him during a Christmas Eve confrontation at a Dacula QuikTrip.

The Buford man told police he won a prize in a scratch-off lottery game at the Hamilton Mill Parkway QuikTrip and walked up to the counter to inform the clerk. He then reportedly heard another customer ask the clerk to speak louder because of the “yapping.”

According to the police report, the Buford man took offense and replied, “Dogs yap, I’m a grown man.”

At that point, the other customer allegedly told the Buford man to shut up. The Buford man responded by telling the man to perform a physically impossible sexual act and walked outside.

Read the continued story on Buford Patch. 


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