Neighborhood Spat Over Where the Lawnmower Was Parked Gets Deputy Involved

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Barrow County, Ga., Sheriff's Office
Barrow County, Ga., Sheriff's Office

Sometimes neighbors get angry over the smallest of things, and often that means police are called to get involved.

But, really? Over a parked lawnmower?

A Barrow County deputy answered a complaint May 7 on Dale Drive, said to be part of an ongoing spat between next-door neighbors.

The responding deputy wrote in the incident report that the dispute is over the property line between the residences. The man who called the sheriff’s office wanted the neighbor cited for parking his lawnmower over the property line.

The man had proof of where the line was and had driven a wooden stake six inches away, but said the neighbor parked the lawnmower on his property and then attached a chain to the stake.

The man next door wasn’t home when the deputy visited, but his wife was. The deputy told the woman to make sure everyone in her house knows not to enter the neighbor’s yard or possibly face Prohibited Entry charges.

She nodded and moved the lawnmower.

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