Locos Manager Reports Being Threatened by Delivery Customer Unhappy with Temperature of Food

The manager told a Winder police officer the customer seemed to be intoxicated.

A manager with in Winder reported a customer threatened him over the phone because his food was cold when it was delivered.

A officer with the responded to the restaurant on Feb. 24, 2012, where the manager said he had received a delivery order from a Natchez Circle residence. After the order was delivered, the manager said he received several more calls from the same address from a male who seemed to be intoxicated demanding a new order because his food was cold.

The manager said he told the caller he would have an employee return to the residence, check the food and replace it if needed.

The manager said the male caller was not happy with the solution and began threatening him over the phone. Upon hanging up, the manager received another call from the same phone number, this time from a male child demanding more food and also threatening violence.

The officer traveled to the customer's residence, where the man said he he was not satisfied with the temperature of food and that he wanted to have it replaced because it was cold. The customer said the manager was cursing him over the phone before his youngest son took his cell phone and called the restaurant back demanding more food.

According to an incident report, the officer advised the customer that his business was no longer welcomed at Locos and that he should not call the restaurant. The customer, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, told the officer he wanted to file a report for bad food service.


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