He Said, She Said: Was the Mustang Stolen, or Just Borrowed?

Inside the Police Reports: A regular inside look at incidents reports in the area.

Inside look at Barrow County Sheriff's Office incident reports.
Inside look at Barrow County Sheriff's Office incident reports.

A Barrow County deputy had quite a time putting together the story behind a black Mustang parked with its keys inside in front of a Winder residence.

A Smith Mill Road resident told the deputy the car was parked in front of his home by a man he only knew as “Stuart,” who was told not to park there, but did so anyway, and then disappeared.
The car, which was out of gas, belonged to a woman living in an apartment building on Atlanta Highway. The deputy went to her apartment, and asked if she knew where her car was. She said no, but the car had been stolen. She hadn't seen it since the night before, she told the deputy.

She said a friend named “Stuart” had spent the night with her, and when she woke up, he and the keys were gone. She did not call the police, however, to report the car stolen.

The deputy gave the woman a ride to get her car on Smith Mill Road, and when she, the resident and the deputy were at the scene, a red Mustang drove slowly by.
That’s “Stuart,” the resident pointed out.

The deputy hopped into the patrol car and pursued the car, stopping it a short time later. A woman was driving with a male passenger, whose last name was Stuart.

Stuart told the deputy he had permission to use the car. He said he parked it at the man’s home so he could meet up with the woman driving the red Mustang, and that someone at the Smith Mill Road residence told him the car would be returned.

The first woman admitted she said Stuart could use the car, but only for the night before, and not the day of the incident.

Due to conflicting stories no charges were filed.

The resident told the woman she could leave the car parked in front of his house until she had enough money to buy gas.


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