Winder Father of Twins Charged with Murder Posts to Website, Plans to Move

In a post on his website, The Political Bandit, William Cormier II writes that he plans to move.

A Winder resident and father of twins charged with murder is speaking out on his own website

William Cormier II, father of twin brothers Christopher Cormier and William Cormier, shared a post titled "My Twin Sons Have Been Charged With Murder In the Sean Dugas Case. How does A Father/Journalist Respond Appropriately?" on his website The Political Bandit

Click here to read the full post, in which the father writes he plans to move.

"We live in a small town, and those who actually know us have been very kind and have attempted to help us in any way they can," he writes. "Others, who stand in the majority, are still driving by our home and we hear the occasional “Murderer” being screamed from a passing vehicle and when we happen to be in the yard, some people slow down and gawk while others stare and flip us the “Bird” as if we were the criminals rather than those who are now housed in separate County Jails." 

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William J. Cormier, Jr. December 29, 2012 at 02:53 PM
I would urge the Barrow Patch and the people who live in Winder to read my last post which is titled: "The Political Bandit’s End of Year Update" that states: "Finally, I’d like to extend my thanks to the Winder Police Department who acted with compassion and professionalism during the incredible ordeal that our family recently experienced. It’s not very often that I offer thanks to a Police Department, however, that’s one of the reasons that I choose to live in rural Georgia. People treat people like people around here, and even if you’re a new-comer, conduct themselves like the Police of yesteryear’s whose mandate was “To Protect and Serve.” After this incident shattered the tranquility of this closely knit community and the residents found out that what was left of our family had nothing to do with what happened in Pensacola, Fl., they reached-out and did everything they could to make us feel at home, and I’m also extending my thanks to the residents and community of Winder. I do understand that I’m a Liberal/Progressive Independent living in a sea of Republicans and I hope they understand that my animosity toward the GOP is directed at the leadership of the GOP and has nothing to do with the rank and file membership that desperately want the fiscal Crisis we are witnessing to end in a positive manner, not in the destruction of our economy." Thank you for your time and consideration in what has been a hard time for all concerned.


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