Drunken Dispute: 'She's Crazy' and 'My Feet Are Paralyzed'

Inside Police Reports: An occasional closer look at Barrow Sheriff's Office incident reports.

A Barrow County Sheriff’s deputy investigating a drunken dispute between neighbors who used to date eventually ended the odd encounter by simply telling the two people to go home.

According to a sheriff’s office incident report, a deputy responded to a call about an early morning argument at a Jefferson Road residence in Statham, where a man and woman were outside.

“They both smelled very strongly of an alcoholic beverage. They both admitted they were drunk,” the report stated.

The man told the deputy he wished to report the woman “was crazy.” She was apparently an ex girlfriend and would visit a neighbor “for the sole purpose of agitating him.”

The woman said the man had asked her to come to his house.

“The two went back and forth arguing while I was on the scene about different things. Their conversations were random and made little sense,” the deputy wrote in the report.

The man and woman were separated and quickly calmed down. The woman walked to her residence and went inside, but came back out while the deputy was still on the scene. The deputy told her several times to return home and not be in the street in an intoxicated state. She said "her feet were paralyzed."

“Both parties were advised to return to their respective residences and to end their intoxicated public argument,” the report started.


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