Could Aliens be Responsible for Pants Swap? Wacky Stories of the Week

Lots of unexplained phenomena are happening in Northeast Georgia.

What's that up in the sky? Is it a meteor? An airplane? A very large (or very close) firefly? If you're not sure, it's probably a UFO. And if you see one, you're in good company.

There were two UFO sightings reported in Northeast Georgia recently, according to UFO Stalker. In Winder, someone reported just above highway 316.

Then, in Buford, a witness described this object: ". It was solid looking, oval shaped, and it had no tail."

Perhaps unexplained phenomena were responsible for a mysterious garment transfer in which a Dacula woman in police custody was discovered to have three plastic baggies of methamphetamines in her pockets. Her response to the officer:

Pants also played a crucial role in a neighborhood dispute case in Barrow County. A woman complained to police that she when she looked out her window and witnessed him dressing near his truck. The man told police he was wearing shorts and did not expose himself.

Explainable phenomenon led to an Oconee County woman being unable to file her tax returns on time. Her online paperwork was rejected because to file. The woman was advised to follow up with the IRS and credit bureaus.


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