Barrow Docket Book for Sept. 12-15

The following information was supplied by the Barrow County Detention Center. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

The following individuals were arrested and booked into the from Aug. 12 through 15.

  • Nichelle Anthony, 44, 118 E. Kimbal St., Winder, charged with probation violation (felony)
  • Dexter Jermaine Baswell, 37, 257 Tanners Bridge Road, Bethlehem, charged with parole violation
  • Debra Baswell, 52, 187B Glenn View Terrace, Winder, hold for Henry County
  • Kenddarious Kendall Brooks, 24, 102 Lighthouse Way, Winder, charged with seat belt violation, two counts obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and marijuana possession less than 1 ounce
  • William Roger Coughlin, 21, 4053 Sturgeon Circle, Buford, charged with two counts cruelty to children in the third degree (third or subsequent offense) and battery
  • Lastacia Blaki Damons, 20, 162 Creekwood Drive, Athens, charged with battery (family violence, first offense)
  • Andrew McClellan Davison, 35, 1415 Blanding Way, Winder, two counts obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, driving on wrong side of undivided street and disorderly conduct
  • Blake Randall Davis, 20, 390 Windy Hill Court, Jefferson, charged with four counts deposit account fraud/bad checks ($499 or less)
  • Kashonda Lashonta Evans, 29, 230 Capital Ave., Apt. 43, Winder, charged with possession of a schedule I controlled substance
  • Thomas Donald Finch, 78, 745 Hancock Bridge Road, Winder, charged with terroristic threats and acts
  • Matthew Scott Fletcher, 23, 1239 Peppers Road, Auburn, charged with criminal trespass (bondsman off bond) and loitering (bondsman off bond)
  • Brendon Randall Frey, 20, 436 Vinings Court, Bethlehem, charged with sale, distribution or possession of dangerous drugs
  • Kara Elizabeth Gaines, 29, 1169 Robertson Bridge Road, Statham, hold for Madison County
  • Tomas Luis Salvador Garcia-Ramirez, 28, 200 Whistleville Court, Winder, charged with driving without a valid license (misdemeanor)
  • Alejandro Torres Hernandez, 25, 1865 Grouse Court, Winder, charged with expired or no driver’s license and failure to maintain lane
  • Bruce Michael Hoard, 60, 1118 Arch Tanner Road, Bethlehem, charged with burglary
  • Charles D. Holley, 33, 130 Jason Pond Way, Jefferson, charged with theft by deception (felony)
  • Dillon Vallee Hunt, 21, 151 Huff Drive, Lawrenceville, charged with open container, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness
  • Zachary John Jewell, 20, 878 Atlanta Highway, Winder, charged with DUI and attempting to purchase alcohol under 21
  • Franklin Eugene Johnson, 43, 102 Dyno Trail, Statham, charged with three counts probation violation (felony) and harassing phone calls
  • Christopher Michael Jones, 37, 462 Wall Road, Statham, charged with probation violation (misdemeanor)
  • Eric Elizabeth Kaiser, 23, 3744 E. Bay St., Duluth, charged with three counts deposit account fraud/bad checks ($499 or less)
  • Steven Wayne Kiley, 19, 902 Relaxed Way, Winder, charged with criminal damage to property in the first degree, criminal trespass and theft by taking (felony)
  • Kevin William Lamb, 37, 1046 Jericcho Road, Auburn, charged with two counts criminal trespass, battery and obstructing or hindering persons making emergency telephone call
  • Jerry Doyal Landress, 44, 15 Maddox Hill Road, Jefferson, charged with window, windshield or wiper violation, and driving while license withdrawn
  • Madison Keith Martin, 27, 106A Quail Valley Road, Auburn, charged with probation violation (felony) and contempt of Superior Court (child support)
  • Jeffery Charles Meers, 33, 4100 Brown Road, Tucker, charged with theft by receiving stolen property into state (felony) and theft by receiving stolen property in another state (felony)
  • Mitchell Lee Phillips, 33, 1216 Willow Drive, Auburn, charged with probation violation (felony)
  • Larry Jarold Poole, 26, 3336 Saddlegate Drive, Buford, charged with probation violation (felony)
  • Jackie Ray Prather, 72, 187 Glenview Court, Apt. B, Winder, charged with burglary
  • Linda Denise Riddle, 39, 102 Scenic Highway, Lawrenceville, charged with theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor), possession of a schedule II controlled substance, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance and two counts prescription drugs must be in their original container
  • Christian Eduardo Sanchez-Cardona, 20, 234 N. Burson Ave., Bogart, charged with expired or no driver’s license and tail lights/tail light lenses required
  • Kelvin Andrea Sims, 44, 283 Linda Ave., Athens, hold for Newton County
  • Kylie Elaine Skinner, 30, 843 Jefferson Highway, Winder, charged with theft by receiving stolen property (misdemeanor), possession of methamphetamine, possession of firearm or knife during commission or attempt to commit certain felonies, two counts illegal possession of controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container and prescription drugs must be in their original container
  • Angela Louise Smallwood, 30, 1118 Arch Tanner Road, Bethlehem, charged with burglary
  • Nicholas John Stake, 28, 1449 Millstone Court, Winder, charged with two counts probation violation (felony)
  • Tiffany Cyvonne Syphore, 33, 71 W. Tate St., Elberton, charged with failure to appear (misdemeanor) and deposit account fraud/bad checks ($499 or less)
  • Kenneth Oneal Thompson, 39, 995 Ga. Highway 211 N.E., Statham, charged with contempt of Superior Court
  • Kristine Lei Tran, 25, 570 Denton Drive, Gainesville, charged with probation violation (felony)
  • Johnathan Adam Walker, 26, 1420 Ethridge Drive, Auburn, charged with false imprisonment and three counts battery (family violence, misdemeanor)
  • Michael Kenneth Walters, 53, Elm St., Winder, charged with pedestrian must not stand in the roadway to solicit a ride/employment/business or solicit contributions
  • Rodney Anthony Wiliams, 48, 355 Dartmouth Drive, Atlanta, charged with probation violation (felony)
  • Jeffery Daniel Zimmerman, 20, 2665 Paul Thomas Drive, Dacula, charged with theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor)

For questions about this docket book, e-mail barrow@patch.com.


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