Barrow County Man Calls Police When Female Friend Refuses to Leave His Residence

Homeowner find multiple keys and prescription medications scattered on kitchen table.

Officers in Barrow County responded to a call in the 100 block of Midland Court when a man reported that his female friend refused to leave his home.

Barrow County police reports state that the victim in this case reported picking up a female friend from Jackson County on Oct. 25. The victim brought the female to his residence in Winder where they stayed overnight. According to the victim, he entered his kitchen and found all of his keys and prescription medication bottles spread out on the table. The victim then, apparently, asked the female to leave his residence due to previous incidents that involved the female and items stolen from his home.

Upon arrival the suspect stated to officers that she did not refuse to leave the house but that she had no transportation. She stated that she was willing to leave on foot. Officers noted that the female had multiple large trash bags of belongings and therefore made arrangements to transport the female to an address in Jackson County, where she reported she had a place to stay.


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