'Electrified Chicken' Ran 'a Fowl' of PETA

As Beyonce took the stage during the Super Bowl halftime, she performed her signature dance known as the "Electrified Chicken."

The popular entertainer Beyonce seems to be unable to win for losing with some members of the culture.

As the person designated to sing the National Anthem for the inauguration of President Obama, she caused a stir among some musical purists when it was made known she lip-synced the National Anthem. Any person who has ever tried to sing or speak in public with much noise coming from every direction knows how difficult the task. She no more than had gotten through with her press conference where she confessed to lip-syncing the words to the National Anthem when it was announced she was the headline performer for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the apex of all things in advertising and public relations. People who never watch sports tune in to watch the Super Bowl, if not for the game itself, for the commercials. The cost of airing a commercial during the Super Bowl is beyond any cost ever thought possible for a television commercial.  

The phenomenon of the Super Bowl is the culture on display for the entire world to view. In the weeks leading up to the big game every sports program on the air, online and print media focuses on the coaches, players, games and families of all involved. There are expert predictions as to who will win the game. There is much promotion made about the commercials and how over-the-top they will be. There is always the hint (sometime not so subtle) of more revealed flesh with an appeal to prurient temptation. Each year, America seems to go deeper down the slippery slope of moral decline in our nation. We are told that people from around the world watch the Super Bowl to see how much further into moral decline the United States has gone since the last Super Bowl. This year was not disappointing for those who wanted to push the envelope further into licentious behavior and enticement into sensual living.

As Beyonce took the stage at halftime she performed her signature dance known as the “Electrified Chicken” dressed in a costume that was praised by some and denounced by others. I feel sorry for the performer because of all the hype that went on following the lip-syncing performance at the inauguration. I watched the game and the half time show. I know it is a generational difference because I did not understand any of the words to her songs. There is no doubt she is popular with a segment of the culture and that she is a very talented young woman. She knows how to entertain and what her audience wants from her as a performer, and she provides it. Several days after the performance was over there was criticism of Beyonce by PETA because the costume she wore was made with iguana, python, and cowhide. From where I stand, we can say the electrified chicken ran “a fowl” of PETA at the Super Bowl.

Do you think Beyonce should have chosen a different costume for the Super Bowl? Tell us in comments. 

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