Tell Us About Your Family Pets!

We love our dog, Socrates, dearly. Here is the story of how he came into our lives.

My third child is Socrates, a blue merle Australian Shepherd. When Harrison was 8 and Hayden was 5, we got him. The day that we drove him home, he sat between the kids in the minivan and drooled uncontrollably. They fought over wiping his face.

When Socrates was 12-weeks-old, we took him swimming in the Chattahoochee River with some friends who own a Labrador named Macy. Macy not only took the new puppy as her own, but she taught him how to swim. To this day he does not know he not a Labrador (so please, do not tell him) but he has an annoying habit of herding us while we swim!

Socrates is now 4 and he welcomes the kids home from school every day. He jumps at the bus and wags his "nubbers" as fast as hummingbird wings. He sits on the kids while they watch GLEE and he rolls over on his back in submission if one of them scolds him even mildly. He has separation issues and wants one of us with him at all times. He is one of us and we love him dearly...

What are the pets like in your home? Are they just like members of the family? Please share your stories and photos!     


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