So What That the Political Conventions are Over?

Fewer people watched the two political conventions than in 2008.

The two mainline political parties have finished their conventions where they nominated their candidates for president and vice president.

The usual partisan speeches were heard. The national and international media covered from the prelude to the postlude of both conventions. Local press in Tampa and Charlotte used the time when they had celebrity politicians in their cities to do human interest stories on the candidates and delegates. The people tracking these types of events are now in the evaluation process to determine what else could have been done to entice more people to tune in to the convention.

The disappointing aspect of both conventions is the number of people watching was fewer this year than in the last election cycle in 2008. Several reasons have been suggested as to why this happened. Some people believe that with the upswing in social media allowing for instant and ongoing updates on the events, people do not feel it necessary to watch the live event. Others are suggesting that for the most part, people are tired of the same old speeches coming from the party leadership in both parties in each election cycle. Basically, it is being said that people are bored with the same old rhetoric with no real-life solutions to the issues being highlighted by the political parties. Other people believe the advent of more selections in programming on cable or satellite television draws people away from the political event. It really does not manner why fewer people watched, the fact stands with as much access as could possibly be given, fewer people were interested enough to tune in.

Does the lack of interest in the convention mean fewer people will vote this election cycle? Does the fact that more people were following social media during the convention mean that convention planners will change the way the event is formatted and presented to the American people?

A question that has not been asked to this point is the one that will add the viewers and the number of people following the conventions on the social networks combined. Added together, is the number of those who tuned in to watch via television greater than in former years? The hardest question of all begs to be asked. Are people no longer interested in the political process? Will this disinterest translate to fewer and fewer people taking part in the political process? Depending on the answers to those two questions, we can predict the continual downfall of our nation. Without citizen involvement and participation we will be thrust into party bosses running not just the conventions, but the country also. That lack of interest bodes danger for our nation.

From where I stand, the question only you can answer is: What will it take to heighten your interest? Do you plan to vote in this election? With 50-plus days left before the presidential election have you decided how you will vote?

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