Letter to the Editor: Literacy Gala a Success Thanks to Barrow Community

The Winder-Barrow Coalition for Adult and Continuing Education has raised $19,000 to support adult education.

The Winder-Barrow Coalition for Adult and Continuing Education (WBCACE) held its 20th Anniversary Literacy Gala on Saturday, January 26, 2013. The event was deemed a tremendous success because of the hard work of many individuals and donations from the Barrow County Community. 

Sincere thanks goes to Mrs. Lynn Hammond who chaired the 2013 Literacy Ball Planning Committee. Committee members Jannie Jennings, Lisa Maloof, Marilyn McKendrick, Sherri Perry, Janet Reid, Janet Segars, Angela Sims, Stephanie Sorrells, Gayle Steed, Allyson Summerour, and Susan Wages, worked tirelessly to make this an evening to remember and to fund the work of the Coalition. We are grateful to the many community organizations, businesses, schools and individuals who gave generously to the important cause of Adult Education for Barrow County. We also acknowledge with appreciation the contributions of our local media in promoting the Literacy Gala. Many in attendance commented positively about information they had read in the Barrow Journal, the Barrow County News and the Barrow Patch. Our net profit currently exceeds $19,000, but we hope to secure another $1000 to reach or goal of $20,000 for the 20thAnniversary event. Additional donations and sponsorships are being sought from individuals and organizations in hopes of meeting or exceeding this goal within the next few days. Since the date of the Gala, The First Christian Church of Winder has become a Bronze Sponsor, and several individuals have pledged memorials and honorariums to retired educators and others individuals. If in the future, you would like to donate to the Adult Education program or a scholarship, please contact me at the address at the end of this letter.

During our Gala program, Mrs. Beth Caldwell, considered the “spark plug” that began the Adult Education program 20 years ago, was recognized, and the establishment of the Beth Caldwell Scholarship was announced. This scholarship will provide assistance to successful WBCACE’s adult learners as they take their education to the next level at Lanier Technical College. 

All of the money raised will be allocated to supporting the Adult Education students and teachers. While there is no cost associated with beginning a GED program, the GED exam is not free, and fees have continued to rise. Each area (Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Science) costs the student $32 for a total of $160. Some of the money raised at the Literacy Gala can help provide Scholarships for students to take the GED. Funds also support operational expenses for the program.

The 20th Anniversary Literacy Gala was a testament to the hard work of many citizens in Barrow County and in surrounding areas that see the vision of the Winder-Barrow Coalition for Adult and Continuing Education. Thank you, Barrow County, for yet again rallying in support of this most worthy cause to keep the program running smoothly.

Dr. Ron Saunders, Executive Director
WBCACE/Adult Literacy
Lanier Technical College, Winder-Barrow Campus, Room 101
89 East Athens Street
Winder, GA 30680

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