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Which Words Would You Like to See Retired in 2013?

Baby bump, fiscal cliff, the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, wizometer. — Kat
I don't care for "At the end of the day". — David Brown
"DUH!" Gosh, I hate hearing that utterance, esp. when a kid says it to an adult. Oh boy! — Kim Roberto

New Year's Resolutions — Should We Make Them? Can We Keep Them?

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Do You Have Your Own Rules for Your Children's Phone Usage?

I am a parent to SIX kids, and even I find this overkill. We gave our children a cell phone when they turned 13. A simple cellphone, definitely nothing high tech until they showed us that they could be responsible. Yes, we had rules....(no phone calls or texting after a certain time, no taking your phone to school, etc...)...It was their phone, that we bought for THEM. — Tammy

Single-Serve Plastic Water Bottle Ban Too Green?

This is TRULY an impingement on our rights. Let the consumer not but the water bottles, if they so choose. If I want to drink water out of a bottle, I should be able to drink water out of a bottle. — Laura Cofman
Maybe Concord MA has a problem with the littering of those single serve bottles. People want their expensive conveniences and don't worry about the damage to the landscape, the planet or even their own personal economy. Conservatives protest about leaving their grandchildren with massive federal debt. They should be more worried about the condition of the planet they're leaving for future generations. — Good Grief Y'all 

Have You Ever Initiated or Received a Random Act of Kindness?

I recently was in Publix picking up just a few things when I saw a woman overflowing with groceries in her arms. I simply walked up and told her that I thought she could use my cart more than me. A little while later I felt a tap on my shoulder and she handed me a lottery ticket and said thank you and good luck tonight! It brought tears to my eyes that such a simple act made someones day. Definitely a pay it forward moment!!! — Cheryl E. 
I have practiced acts of kindness in secret for many years. However, this year I decided to participate in the 26 acts of kindness for the victims of the CT shootings. I had my 11 year old granddaughter with me for the Christmas school holidays, so I let her watch kindness-in-action. I told her what I would be doing up-front. I kept a running count of my acts and told the cashier, or fast food window worker to please tell the intended receiver they were # _ out of 26 to receive an act of kindness for the victims of the CT shootings. I think it made a big impression on her, and she sees at her young age, you don't have to approach strangers to be kind. — Cecilia

... This is just 100% proof that the Second Amendment was made for a reason and should not be taken away from us.... otherwise the headlines would have read, Loganville woman and 2 Children found dead in attic! — C W
The bad guys are always gonna have guns!! Leave us good guys alone. Thank God she was able to protect her and her family!! — Mary Darling

Will 108 MPGe Entice You to Look at an Electric Vehicle When You Consider Your Next Car Purchase? 

I say this is wonderful! The only problem I have had is with the price of the cars that are all electric. The extended miles per charge and charging time in this model is a real plus... — Karon Hartman
Nice idea, car is expensive and you can't go far if you want to take a trip. Get it up to 200 miles per charge and I'll seriously consider it! — Sam

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