Ben Carson for President ... or Disrespectful to the President?

One headline comes from the Wall Street Journal, the other from a panel discussion on CNN. What do you think — amazing speech or politically incorrect?

The big buzz that came out of the National Prayer Breakfast last week was not what you might expect, unless you were expecting a potential 2016 presidential nominee to emerge. That appears to be what happened, according to the Wall Street Journal in an article titled "Carson for President." However, not everybody feels that way about the guest speaker, Dr. Benjamin Carson.

According to his bio, Carson raised himself up from being a troubled youth to becoming the director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33. And while he has an amazing life story, it was his criticism of the president’s policies that has caused such a buzz.

While many on the right are hailing him as the potential savior of the GOP, others are criticizing his speech, saying his criticism of the president’s policies when he was less than 5 feet from him were inappropriate and disrespectful. While the division is almost down party lines, there are some on the right who do agree the National Prayer Breakfast is supposed to be a time of unity, not a time for politics. The issue has been debated by many, including a panel on CNN and The Five on Fox News.

Republicans who see Carson as a presidential hopeful, however, may not be happy to hear his party affiliation — he has none. When interviewed over the weekend, Carson said he is probably an Independent, but if there were such a thing as the Party of Logic, he would be a member.

What do you think? Was the National Prayer Breakfast the right venue for Carson’s comments? And secondly, could someone like this come out of nowhere and even stand a chance in a 2016 presidential run?

Mr. B March 17, 2013 at 02:56 AM
Dr. Carson doesn't subscribe to the victim mentality. He doesn't follow your train of thinking. So, its easy to understand why he is not a favorite. That's really too bad for you because you seem like a genuinely nice guy otherwise.
Tammy Osier March 17, 2013 at 02:05 PM
Actually Mr. B., these men (Herman cain included) are what the American dream is about. Imagine if they are given a chance to prove themselves. Although, to be fair, I don't know enough about Dr. Carson's knowlege in economics. Cain ran a huge business and rescued failing businesses with good economic principles. But I do like his go get it attitude. I guarantee if you get the economy going to where a person could work a dignified job and make money for his family, he'd pick that in a heartbeat. It's about opportunity and hard work. When people are blessed like that, they give to charities and your poor people are taken care of. The government takes up the slack from there. That's where we have erred. The government is in the wrong role. I stand by the analogy that Dr. Thomas Sowell of not exalting a man just because he's a first. Obama broke a barrier, and that's great, but hopefully now we can get men in there who are known by what they do and by the courage of their convictions, not by who they are or by their race. We need what's good for this country and being in debt to our eyeballs is not it.
Tammy Osier March 17, 2013 at 02:40 PM
Mr. B., "15 hours / 7 minutes?" I think I know, b ut just wondering. :)
Mr. B March 17, 2013 at 03:02 PM
David Brown asked how much time I spent praying for Obama this week and how much time I spent criticizing him. I know, it should be reversed but I'm studying with my prayer group twice a day during Lent so I have more prayer time. And I have a very busy work schedule (partial retirement is a myth) and don't have as much time to criticize.
Mr. B March 17, 2013 at 03:04 PM
God Save America.


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