Barrow County School System

A HUGE SHOUT OUT- to Barrow County School System! I just want to thank the people in charge that made the decision to heed the warnings of bad weather and close the schools early enough to get the children home safely. Because of you all of my grandchildren were safe at home in their own beds last night while others were still at their schools or worse stranded on a highway in a school bus! So from the bottom of my heart Thank you for making the right decision!
Lori Samples January 31, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Yes, Barrow County did a great job. I received a robo call about 7:00 am Tuesday and my son was home shortly after 12 pm. The snow started coming down shortly after that. I was astounded to see that Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett waited. Some parents didn't let their kids go to school at all that day and I will probably keep my son home the next time as he had to stand outside for over an hour due to a fire alarm at Westside Middle School. The day was unproductive anyway. Hopefully the ones who chose to wait will review their plans and make better decisions the next time. Don't mess with our kids' safety and welfare.


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