A Person is Blessed in Giving to Others

The thought of children waking up on Christmas morning to find no toys or gifts is heartbreaking.

Several people complained that before Halloween this year the Christmas sales were already being promoted in stores.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday has passed, we are in the middle of what is known as Cyber Monday. This is the day when more sales will occur on the Internet than in years gone by. In the midst of a time when the economy is bad and many people are unemployed or under employed, it is no surprise that retail merchants would do everything possible to entice people into their stores and to try and lure as many people as possible to make purchases on their Internet sites. Free market capitalism is what this nation is all about, and made us great. The free market determines the level of the economic development of a nation. The more the government controls what is taking place in the market, the more certain the economy will continue to be bad. In a free market system the people make their decisions as to what and where they will make a purchase.

One, among several unintended consequences with the economy being in the down turn we have experienced for the last several years, is fewer people will have money to give to charity and fewer children will have toys available to them as Christmas gifts. The thought of children who are innocent and at no fault for what is going on around them doing without toys or needed clothes at Christmas always piques my concern for them. We have been hearing already from some of the charities collecting gifts to give to children at Christmas that the donations this year are down, and the number of children who will be receiving toys will be fewer as a result of the lower amount of money and toys available to give to the precious little ones.

Though my parents were poor and we grew up under the poverty level economically, I cannot remember a time as a child when we did not receive at least one toy or gift at Christmas. The thought of children waking up on Christmas morning to find no toys or gifts breaks my heart. It is not the fault of the children and they should not be punished for the economy or for wrong decisions by parents that will keep them from having toys or needed clothes at Christmas time. We all find that we are struggling to make ends meet and wonder how we are going to make all the payments due before the end of the year. I urge those who can to determine to help at least one child or find a charity or church where you can give money, toys or clothes that will be given to a needy child or family. From where I stand, we will discover that in giving a small amount we will be blessed by knowing we have helped someone that is in real need.

Do you know someone in need of help this Christmas or charities to which Barrow Patch readers can donate? Tell us in comments. 

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