How to Share News on Barrow Patch

Have something to share with the world? Anyone can start a blog, post an announcement or an event on Patch.

Do you have news about your business, neighborhood, school or club that you want to share? What issues are important to you?

Patch is a community platform, meaning anyone can start a blog, post an announcement or upload an event to share with their neighbors.

Sharing events

Want to invite the public to a specific happening? Post events and your items will show up on our community calendar. If something changes, you always can edit your own event to reflect the latest information. Posting an event is easy, just enter your information into the pre-set form — please do not use all capital letters — click save and you are done. Just remember the event calendar is for happenings taking place on a specific date at a specific time. Registration requests or ongoing opportunities are better served in the announcement section.

Click here to post an event on Barrow Patch

Announce yourself

Did someone in your family, business or organization receive an award? Is your organization giving away scholarships? Got more information that might be useful for the community to know? Try our announcements section.

Many of the announcements are chosen for features in our regular news column, as well, so this is one of the easiest ways to spread your news.

You can also use announcements to call attention to your events. You can post information about your events in the announcement section, as well, especially if it's something that requires registration.

Click here to post an announcement on Barrow Patch

Have more to say? Want to start a conversation? Start a blog! 

You can post your own opinions with our blogging platform here on Patch. It's easy to start: just go to barrow.patch.com/blog/apply.

Many blog posts are featured in the Local Voices section of Patch for everyone in the community to find. You can blog as often as you like. There's no need to "pitch" ideas before submitting posts. And you retain all rights to your work, so you can crosspost information from your own website or your previously written blog.

Posting on Barrow Patch is simple and quick, so get busy and we can't wait to hear your news. 

Questions? E-mail barrow@patch.com. 

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