What is Eastwooding? Is It the Next Planking?

Eastwooding has taken over Tumblr and photos and videos are everywhere online.

A new catchphrase is trending after Clint Eastwood spoke to an invisible Barack Obama during the Republican National Convention — it's called "Eastwooding." Photos of people speaking to empty chairs started popping up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and a Twitter account, @InvisibleObama, sprung up almost instantly. 

With quips like, "I'm on the other side of you, Ryan," "Oh no my invisible self didn't!" and "Global warming's invisible too? Oh it's on now," the account had more than 20,000 followers by the time Eastwood's speech was done. 

A rash of "Eastwooding" videos have also shown up on YouTube, including videos explaining how to Eastwood.

The Eastwooding meme has also taken over Tumblr.

Just how big is this trend? An article on Mashable.com speculates Eastwooding could be the next "planking." 

Have you Eastwooded yet? Go ahead, make our day and leave a comment. Have a photo or video of Eastwooding to share? Click on the "Upload Photos and Videos" button to post your Eastwooding pictures and video clips.


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