Man Runs from Police — Right into Parked Patrol Car — and More in Recent Weird Crime News

Snellville Patch reports a man reportedly led police on a high-speed chase, crashed into a power pole and then tried to escape on foot.

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Reckless running: A Snellville man fled from police on foot after he smashed his car into a power pole and — literally — ran right into the side of a parked cop car. The car he was driving had a suspended registration, according to the police license-plate reader, which prompted a high-speed chase and the wreck. Turns out he couldn’t run very well, either.

Pawn star? A Lawrenceville man admitted to stealing and pawning a number of items from various places. Police worked on a tip from an online “top pawners” watchlist that showed he had pawned 29 items in January. He said he didn’t steal them all, but did admit to stealing three fire pits from a Kroger in Lilburn, tools from Ace Hardware in Lawrenceville, a DVD player from the Walmart in Lilburn and four cameras from a CVS in Lilburn. In case fans of the TV reality show “Pawn Stars” are wondering, his name isn’t Chumlee.

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Only the "shadow" knows: A Lithonia man only saw a “quick shadow” pass by before . The man had pulled his car over to get some CDs out of the trunk. Problem is, he left the car running. That’s when the “shadow” moved in, then whooshed away.

You’re arrested … and fired: An employee at a Dacula-area restaurant drew a pink slip and a trip to jail after his profanity-laced tirade in front of customers. “When I arrived, I heard the employee at the door telling customers that they had an emergency and would not be able to serve any more people today,” the officer wrote in the arrest report. The owner wanted the employee arrested and removed from the building, but the employee kept on swearing. The worker was then terminated by the owner and issued a criminal trespass warning. But the employee kept on #@%*!-bombing, leading to a disorderly conduct charge.

Who are you fooling? It’s one thing to use cardboard as a car tag to avoid paying for one. It’s another when you drive that car around with methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside. That combination led to multiple drug charges for a man in Oconee County.

Breaking up is hard to do: Two women in an argument over seeing other people took their quarrel outside a Tucker-area apartment. In the standoff, . Thankfully, police disarmed the woman with the pistol and nobody was injured. Police say the argument escalated over some of their possessions, including phones, shoes and a jacket.

What if you just locked the doors? About $600 worth of items were stolen out of two unlocked vehicles from a Dacula-area residence, one of which the thief entered after crawling under a partially opened garage door. The garage door wasn’t completely closed so that the family dog could go outside.

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