News Nearby: Teen Who Suffered Allergic Food Reaction Dies

Jahrell Dillard, 15, of Lawrenceville, died Wednesday after he suffered an allergic reaction to a cookie he bit into at the Walmart in Loganville.

Officials confirm that a teen who suffered an allergic reaction to something he ate at on Tuesday, Aug. 16, died the following day at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

"Fifteen-year-old old Jahrell Dillard, of Lawrenceville, was at the Walmart in Loganville Tuesday when he picked up a cookie and took a bite," said Detective David Hunt of the . "The cookie contained peanuts and, having a history of allergies to peanuts, he went into anaphylatic shock and succumbed to the effects." 

Hunt said the police department has concluded its investigation. 

"The family was aware of his allergies and reported a history of asthma and allergies to peanuts," Hunt said, adding there would be no further investigation by the LPD. "We offer our prayers for the comfort of the family."

and Walton County Emergency Medical Services Unit Med 4 responded to the call from Walmart on Tuesday evening and transported Dillard to . He was then lifeflighted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where he died the following day.

Loganville Fire Chief Danny Roberts said it is not uncommon for the department to receive calls for such a severe reaction to a food allergy, especially peanuts. According to Wikipedia, hypersensitivity to a dietary substance from peanuts can cause an overreaction of the immune system, which in a small percentage of people may lead to severe physical symptoms, including anaphylaxis.

Kathi Robinson August 18, 2011 at 10:30 PM
This is the unfortunate result of an incident that could happen at any time, anywhere. Many people just do not understand that is what is so destructive about a food allergy. I hear it so often, even here online, how these (food allergy) people are always offering up their scare tactics.Since the child knew he had the allergy, one can only assume at that particular moment the impulse to eat it was stronger than his knowledge about his possible safety. He probably asked what kind was it and assumed it was OK from its name. This is a perfect example why ingredient labels and cross contamination concerns are so important. I extend my condolences to the family. www.allergyfreeandsugarfreesnacks.com
Deanna Allen August 19, 2011 at 02:24 AM
Kathi, thank you for posting. How do you know so much about this topic? Do you or someone you know have a food allergy?
Jenni Hilton August 30, 2011 at 06:51 PM
As a food allergy mom, I am saddened at the loss of two lives in the Atlanta area. I wanted to share a local support group and nonprofit - Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta for local families. They also educate schools and restaurants about food allergies and are a great resource in our community. http://www.foodallergykidsatl.org/ http://www.foodallergykidsatl.org/


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