Metal Detectors Weren't Working at Time of School Shooting, Tornado Damage Estimated at $75 Million and More in the Regional News Roundup

Read summaries of reports from East Atlanta, Midtown, Canton-Sixes, Buckhead, Kennesaw and Cartersville Patch sites.

Atlanta School Shooting: Metal Detectors Weren't Working — East Atlanta Patch

An Atlanta Public Schools investigation of the metal detectors at Price Middle School following a Jan. 31 shooting of a student shows they weren't working.

In fact, in a statement released late Friday night, the district said the detectors at the Historic South Atlanta school have not been used much this current school year.

APS said that one of the two metal detectors is now functioning and that the other is expected to be operational next week.

Read more on East Atlanta Patch.


Several Cars Damaged by Fallen Tree — Midtown Patch

Several vehicles were damaged, but no one was injured after wind toppled a tree in Midtown.

According to Steve Gower with the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance, as the tree fell it ripped out the utility lines leading into the building next door, and pulled out part of the siding in the process.

See additional photos of the damage on Midtown Patch.


Georgia Tornadoes Cause $75 Million in Damage — Canton-Sixes Patch

Tornadoes that struck Georgia on Wednesday caused an estimated $75 million in insured losses, Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said.

"That figure will rise as new claims are reported," Hudgens said in a release.

A final count late Thursday indicated 442 residential structures and 30 commercial properties—not individual businesses—in Bartow County were damaged.

Read more on Canton-Sixes Patch.


Sketch Released of Suspected 'Buckhead Bandit' — Buckhead Patch

Atlanta police have released a sketch of a man suspected to be the so-called 'Buckhead bandit.'

The suspect is a black male, approximately 5-foot-7, and is thought to have committed about 10 armed robberies in the area, including a pharmacy in Midtown and a Subway in Brookhaven.

In each of the incidents, the suspect is able to get away with $200 to $400.



Kennesaw Police Seek Help in eBay Fraud Case — Kennesaw Patch

The Kennesaw Police Department is looking for a person of interest in an eBay fraud case.

More than $12,800 vanished last month after a Ruskin, Fla., man wired the money to a SunTrust Bank account that authorities have learned was opened using a fraudulent passport.

The Florida man told investigators that after he showed interest in buying a 1969 Dodge Charger on eBay, a female seller named Linda Caragan directed him to another website to start bidding on it. 

Visit Kennesaw Patch for additional details.


 — Cartersville Patch

A local teen has been arrested in connection with a large knot on a 6-week-old baby's head. Cartersville Police Department Chief Tommy Culpepper said in a news release that Dustin Michael Lewis, 18, of Cartersville, was arrested following the Jan. 30 incident.

The child's mother took her to the emergency room at Cartersville Medical Center for treatment of the knot on her head. Further examination revealed the infant also had broken ribs, a fractured skull, a broken left tibula and a broken left femur. 



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