Last Blue Moon Until 2015 Shines Down on Skygazers

Friday's full moon was the second one to rise during the month of August.

If you looked up at the moon last night, you saw the last "blue moon" until July 2015. 

Friday's full moon was the second one to rise during the month of August, following the full moon of Aug. 1. This qualifies it as a blue moon, based on the popularly accepted, but, according to SPACE.com, incorrect, definition of the term. "Blue moon" orginally referred to the third full moon in a season that has four full moons instead of the usual three. But in 1946, a writer for "Sky and Telescope" magazine erroneously reported the second-full-moon-in-month meaning, and the definition stuck.

Click here to view a gallery of photos taken of last night's blue moon. 

Did you capture any photos of last night's blue moon? If so, click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button above to share them on Barrow Patch. 

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