Atheist Group Says It Will Donate Literature for Use at State Parks

The donation comes after Governor Nathan Deal announced Bibles that had been removed from park cabins and lodges would be returned.

A national atheist group has announced it will donate its literature for use in cabins and lodges in Georgia's state parks after Governor Nathan Deal announced May 15 the state would return Bibles following their removal by Georgia Department of Natural Resources managers. 

The Bibles had been removed while a final decision was made on the response to a citizen complaint about Bibles on state property. 

The Huffington Post reports the New Jersey-based organization American Atheists is awaiting an answer from the state on what the best procedure is to donate several books. 

"We expect fair treatment, we anticipate fair treatment and we look forward to fair treatment," David Silverman, the organization's president, told the media outlet. "If the state is going to put Bibles in the cabins, they must allow alternate points of view — all alternative points of view without taking sides."

When asked about whether the state would allow the donated literature, a spokesman Deal said the governor's office is working on regulations regarding the distribution of materials with the Department of Natural Resources and the Attorney General's Office.

The Huffington Post reports that Deal, in announcing the decision, said any religious group was welcome to donate literature.

Do you think the state has an obligation to provide literature on alternative views alongside Bibles at state parks? Tell us in the comments. 


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