Around the Region: Georgia Tech Student Faces Online Sex Charges, School Bus Cameras Catch Drivers Passing Buses and Cobb Gets ‘The Onion’ Treatment

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 — Midtown Patch

A fifth-year mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech has been indicted on 25 counts of online sex in Dougherty County.

Atlanta police arrested Adam Morse, 22, in early June after investigators say the Meldrim, Ga., native sent two dozen pornographic pictures of himself and numerous sexually explicit messages to a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl, but was in fact a member of the Dougherty County Police Internet Crimes Against Children team. 

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 — Marietta Patch

Last year, stop-arm cameras  as part of a pilot program. The cameras can catch license plates up to 100 yards away.

On the first day of school, Cobb Police cited three violators for passing stopped buses.

This comes a month after the  with American Traffic Solutions to issue tickets for failing to stop for the arms, which are designed to protect students entering and leaving buses. The agreement allows ATS to collect $300 from first-time violators.

Other penalties include a possible court appearance, a fine up to $1,000, six points on a driving record and a license suspension for convicted drivers under 21 years old.

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 — East Cobb Patch

On Friday, the satirical site “The Onion” featured a fictitious story about a "Cobb County Evangelical Hospital" that holds a "Gay Cureness Walk."

The accompanying video "interviews" include a physician at the hospital, as well as a supposedly "cured" gay man who presents his female spouse. Another male "survivor" said he "feels great to be around so many incredible guys who went through the same thing."

Another interview is with a woman upset over "losing" her daughter to gayness. "She lives in Seattle now," the mother sighs.

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