Alligator in Statham Pond Estimated to be Six Feet in Length

According to Statham Police the habitat is suitable for an alligator.

An alligator has reportedly taken up residence in a private pond in the Falls of Statham subdivision just off of Providence Road. On Friday morning, May 25, a regional supervisor from the Department of Natural Resources responded to evaluate the situation in Statham and attempt to locate the animal.

Statham Police Officer Michael Pruitt relayed the following information to Patch in an email, "The habitat is suitable to support an alligator and signs were located that are consistent with an alligator living in the pond. The animal is estimated to be between four to six feet. The Regional Supervisor stated that alligators are reclusive and prefer to avoid contact with humans."

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be monitoring and observing the area in an attempt to spot and possibly trap the animal. The Statham Police Department urges the community to stay away from the area and do not try to make contact with the animal. Any attempt to contact the animal will interfere with D.N.R. operations. The pond is located on private property and is posted as "No Trespassing."

mollyrose May 25, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Where are the Swamp People guys when you need them? LOL.
Kristi Palmer May 25, 2012 at 08:45 PM
I was thinking someone should call the Gator Boys myself!


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