12-12-12 Concert to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

Some of the biggest names in music will play at a benefit concert Wednesday. All proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy victims, via the Robin Hood Foundation.

Huge names in music are lending their talents to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts at the “12-12-12” concert on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Every penny sold from ticket sales will go directly to Sandy victims through the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which provides material, money and aid to local organizations that are serving families and individuals in the regions hardest hit by the storm, including over 200 Patch towns in New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island.

The all-star lineup includes Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The Who and Paul McCartney, with other artists to be announced.

According to the 12-12-12 concert’s website, “Starting at 7:30 p.m. EST, on December 12, “12-12-12,” The Concert for Sandy Relief, will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden via a global network of US and International television stations, Clear Channel radio stations and leading web sites. Check the listings on the website to see where you can watch locally.”

You can also donate to the American Red Cross, Long Island Cares and Island Harvest.

Also, please join Patch's effort to raise awareness and funds for those living in Patch communities affected by Sandy: Patch Rebuilds, Patch’s effort to help support devastated communities after the storm, will donate $1 to the AmeriCares Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund for every tweet sent with the hashtag #PatchRebuilds (up to $125,000).

Your contribution will go toward medical and humanitarian aid, grants and programs to help Sandy survivors.

You can simply tweet the hashtag #PatchRebuilds, or go to our Patch Rebuilds websiterebuilds.patch.com, and tweet directly from the site.

For more information on the concert, visit www.121212concert.org.

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Lynnanncastrigno December 11, 2012 at 08:10 AM
Jersey Shore? Madison Square.Garden. Penn Station and the entire lowers east part of Manhattan were severely effected by this horrible storm. In my community, midtown east, we are still trying to recover economic losses from this horrible storm. Bruce Springsteen and the whole 12/1212 crowd are posers standing among the ruins in NYC to cry about the Jersey Shore. Let them take their Concert to where the most devastating destruction is and not insult those of us in Manhattan still reeling from the destruction. I lost a whole months pay and incurred many other monetary losses from this storm. Now these big shots hold a concert a mile away from my home! It is insulting to the average New Yorker. Go back to Jersey Bruce!!! You don't give a darn about NYC and we don't give a darn about you!!!
Lynnanncastrigno December 11, 2012 at 08:30 AM
By the way, why doesn't Bruce give a direct contribution to the hospitals, schools, parks and other buildings in the immediate vicinity of MSG and the midtown area like NYU medical Center, the Veterans hospital, schools or the community centers on the west and east side downtown that have suffered millions in losses?He and the rest of that self aggrandizing crowd just have a big bash a mile away. Shame on Bruce for parking his crowd in the middle of a very hard hit area to beg for others! He is truly an egoistical poser!
Lynnanncastrigno December 11, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Largest transportation hub in NYC suffered millions in damages and these Big stars hold there concert right overhead! The money should go directly to this hard stricken area! These guys are oblivious jerks! Take the concert to the place that you want to give the money to. Oh, I guess it's not glamorous enough. POSERS!!!


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