The 'Recuperate' Debate: Who Won?

Let’s face it, all Obama had to do was not fall asleep and he would be called the winner.

The lights went on and the Recuperate Debate began. How did it end? It was a DRAW! We watched as Romney and Obama came out ready to fight for votes.  They both dressed sharp. They both criticized the other. They both were willing to tell how they would run our country if elected. They both were holding their best weapons ready to explode when the time was right. 

Let’s face it, it you liked Romney before the debate, you love him now! If you liked President Obama before the debate you are probably still swooning over him and his failed presidency. The spin-doctors were out in full force after the recuperate debate announcing why their man blew his adversary away with every successive fired shot. It was high noon in the middle of the town and the people saw the gunfight they came to see. Obama had to recuperate if his campaign was to go on.

Obama’s people said he won!  Romney’s people said he won! Here is what I saw and why I think both men won parts of this debate.Romney won because he continued to show the people how he, as president, would turn around the failed policies of the Obama administration. Obama was in a do or die position and because he did not die (like he did in the first debate) many on the left cheered him for his sharp shooting. All Obama had to do was a tiny bit better than he did at the last debate and he would be called the WINNER! He was a winner because he hit the target. Obama did not even have a loaded gun during the last debate. He had to recuperate from his past debate failure. Let’s face it, all Obama had to do was not fall asleep and he would be called the winner.

Now down to the specifics. The scientific polls showed Obama was the winner of the debate when those polled were asked. “Who won?” Yet, on many other topics, Romney ran away with the votes from the same polled viewers. Our national security issues, our economy, our foreign policy, and the deficit were all areas that the same viewers that said Obama won the debate stated that Romney would do a better job than the president.  

This election is about the economy, jobs, and our national security. Romney tells Obama over and over how he is going to do it but Obama just does not get it!  Obama does not understand how a strong economy will help the deficit issue. I understand it and I hate math. What is wrong with Obama’s mind that after four years he still does not understand economics? So here goes, maybe we can send this to Obama and he will finally get it!  

Romney wants to release the restraints on small businesses to open up growth.   Less restricted, they decide to hire new employees. What will that one change in attitude do to our economy? To start with we will have millions on unemployment move over to being taxpayers! Millions of unemployment checks go out each week to the unemployed. Millions of American citizens have been on public assistance for over two years. Many no longer get checks because there is no work to be found. So, if you get millions of Americans off of their weekly unemployment checks, that money, billions of dollars, will be saved and will stay in the government kitty. So, if we are not taking money out of our bank account, our bank account will be stronger. We now will have that money to use to whittle down the deficit. At 23 million people receiving about $250 each week that comes to about a savings of $5,750,000,000 each week. Please let that amount sink in. That is not a year worth of payments, it is only a week's worth. That is what the government pays out each week in unemployment checks on average. That money will be staying in the government's bank account.  Do you understand what I am talking about?  

Next, those very same millions of Americans will now be working at a job making, lets just settle on $10 per hour.They are working 40 hours a week. That means their paycheck will be about $400 per week. Their take home will be about $328 per week. They will be paying in about $72 per week in taxes. Now that they are drawing a paycheck they will now be paying the government money instead of taking money from the government. That amount will be about $1,656,000,000.  Nearly $2 billion coming into the government each week. Let’s add up those two figures and we see a boost to the economy of $7,406,000,000 each week. SEVEN BILLION people. Yet, Obama keeps saying Romney will not tell him how he is going to do it. We will have to work to do to recover from the mess that Obama has this country in now. It will not happen overnight. Yet, I do not think Romney will be the Obama blaming type of leader, he knows how bad this economy is. He has blamed Bush for the last four years, who will he blame if he is reelected, himself? We are all tire of his inability to accept his own failures. Heck, he blamed Hillary this week, has he no shame?  

Obama was very much like the Cheshire cat, VP Biden, but he took it to a new level. When Romney handed him his whinny hinny about his administration’s handling of the terrorist attack and the death of 4 Americans he was so frustrated with his failure that he told Romney to shut up! He told the moderator to Move On! Hold up there, Mr. President, this is America and like it or not we are entitled to be heard. You are NOT a ruler. America is a republic, not a kingdom. It was so sad to see the president talk about how he would fix our country as if this was 2008 and he had not been living in the White House for the last four years.   

So what do you say about who won this debate? Let’s face it, the moderator, who blew it, she could not keep them in check. Telling them to sit down and that their time was up was not heard by either man. As a journalist hosting a debate, you NEVER interject your opinions into the evening and yet she did just that on the terror issue.  This morning the talk is about her and not the candidates. With Clinton it was the word “IT.” With Obama it is the word, “terror.” As for the “act of terror’ comment, saying we don't allow an act of terror is not the same as saying, “We were attacked by terrorists!” They spent the next five days saying four Americans died because of a movie not because of a terrorist attack. Talk about spinning!  His answer spoke volumes to me about his character. The only people that are swallowing that Kool Aid are the die-hard “Hail Obama” group and from the poll numbers, that group is shrinking every time Obama opens his mouth.  

In the end I would just say this, which person would you want to handle your retirement, a man who openly admits that he has not done as well as this competitor or the man that was smart enough to build an awesome retirement for himself and his wife. I will vote for the more successful man. Once again Obama cheered for weakness, his own and called success failure. For me, the debate was about this, Obama had no answer for the man that stood up and said, “I voted for you last time and you have not delivered!” He spoke for most Americans. I only get one vote. I feel like it was a draw. The president did such a lousy job last time that all he needed to do was show up and he would be called the winner. He showed up just like he has shown up for the last four years: arrogant, angry, blaming, and with no answers to the problems facing Americans today. What say ye? 

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Cynthia Montgomery October 20, 2012 at 04:22 PM
You know that they say the republicans are sexy but don't know it and the democrats have sex but don't know who with! At least when a republican dishonors himself and his family, he steps down When a democrat dishonors his family and himself he brags about it, lies about it, hides it, discounts the woman as a right winged plan, ask people to pay for their legal fees, and when finally comes to terms that his nastiness is out in the public and the gig is up, he goes on TV and says "Indeed I did have relations with that woman!" WHEW Now that is the way democrats respects woman. No wonder so many lame women are democrats, women with low self esteems, women that have been talked in to the lie about abortion, women that stand by their cheating man, (like the most powerful women in the democrats party) YEP, those demo women are quite a lot to swallow, buy sadly I must add as I think sisterhood is important for all women! They need to come over to the right side where we respect women and the children we carry, we still believe in God, and values. We work, raise the children, keep the home, and keep our respect. As for you women worrying about Romney's eyebrows.....sound a bit like a lefty moment to me!!!! LOL Hurry, come back, before you start seeing Obama for the "eye candy" he thinks he is!!! As for Romney's hair color, we all know it will be snow white by the time he cleans up the mess Obama has left him!
Tammy Osier October 20, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Amen sister! But he will still look good. Yeah, he probably will since he won't have time for parties, vacations and golf games to keep him relaxed while the elected help does all the work.
U B ILL'N October 22, 2012 at 02:25 PM
David-Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
U B ILL'N October 22, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Cynthia- Can you please explain to me how saving the car industry, banking industry, stemming unemployment, keeping more people in their homes for longer, killing Osama Bin Laden, Mumar Ghaddafi, giving Israel 1.8 billion dollars for Iron Dome Missle Defense System which we would like shared technology for (since we are paying for most of it), passing a much needed health care act, deporting more illegal immigrants in his first four years than Bush, and finally saying, that corporate board rooms and ceo's are failing and stealing from the tax payer!, is nothing??? Please to me why Bush cut government revenue during his 8 years of war??? while passing the biggest expansion of Medicare program "Medicare Part D" in its history and expanded almost all of the entitlement programs that you Cons... always complain about
U B ILL'N February 06, 2013 at 08:16 PM
Where is Dinesh now? Wonder what kinda money grab is trying


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