Winder Aldi Store Could Open in Time for Thanksgiving Shopping

Construction continues at the site, and the Aldi project is one of several planned developments within the city of Winder.

The at the corner of West May Street and Horton Street could be open for Barrow County residents to shop before Thanksgiving, according to the Winder Planning Department's monthly report. 

In the meantime, as construction continues, Barrow residents can check out photos of the , on Fridley Patch, and learn more about Aldi and what the discount grocery chain offers by clicking here.

The Aldi project is one of several planned developments within the city limits. 

Developments either under review, under construction or complete

  • addition is under construction on West Candler Street 
  • Construction plans have been approved for Stratford Court, the proposed 64-unit senior living facility across from the Villas at Winder on Jefferson Highway, and the project should be under construction in the next few months
  • The planning department is working with several development companies during the due diligence process prior to them acquiring failed and defunct developments
  • A Dollar Tree is set to open where the former Massey's Grocery Store at 95 N. Broad St. and plans are to renovate the existing building for the new store 

General projects

  • Winder Downtown Streetscape Project — Project is on the Georgia Department of Transportation's letting schedule for fall 2012. According to the plannning department, this project is very complicated as GDOT has two design projects going at one time, one being the Transportation Enhancement Project (the Winder Streetscape Project), and the second being a maintenance project for the North Broad Street travel lanes. A major portion of sewer line relocation work associated with the Winder Streetscape Project has been completed and some sewer service lines now need to be re-routed. The necessary gas line relocation work has been put out for bid and the bids are due back to the city by July 12. The contract for the downtown water line work has been awarded and the installation of the new water lines in the downtown area was set to begin Monday, July 9. 
  • — Demolition is complete and the steel support structure is completed. The plan is to install temporary irrigation on the lot and to sod the lot. The lot will be used as a grassed park until a design plan can be developed. 
  • Annexation projects — The annexation of properties south of the current Winder City Limits is actively being worked on. The 100 percent method of annexation is being pursued. Also, the owners of the existing unincorporated island properties located within Winder City Limits have been contacted and asked to annex into the city. Initial contact letters concerning annexation have been sent to the owners of the 106 land parcels that make up the islands.
  • Downtown Winder rezoning project — Portions of the downtown area are being targeted for potential rezoning. Properties owned by the city of Winder will be rezoned first. 
  • The planning department is working with Keck & Wood on the East Stephens Street/Georgia Avenue drainage project. 
  •  — This project is almost complete. Minor punch list items remain to be finished. 
  • — A contract has been awarded and a pre-construction meeting has been held. 
  • The department is Working on drainage projects and landscape projects with the city's street department. 

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Mary Thornton July 10, 2012 at 12:56 PM
We have Aldi stores in Kansas, they have some good bargains.
Deanna Allen July 10, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I think a lot of people are looking forward to this one opening in Barrow County.


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