Find Out What You Can Purchase Tax Free This Weekend

Georgia's sales tax holiday is Friday, Aug. 10, and Saturday, Aug. 11.

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Wanda Rice August 10, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Be vigilant in making sure the retailer charges only the appropriate tax! I just left Wal-Mart (in Winder) and a gentleman was waiting on management to explain why he was getting charged a taxes on a computer valued less than $1,000. When the cashier initially called back to get a CSM she was told to inform the gentleman the local store has no control over the tax overrides and it "most likely was a federal tax being assessed, as only state taxes were exempt from being assessed this weekend." UH...HELLLOOOOOO? When did the feds start assessing a sales tax on goods bought in retail stores. The gentleman had to demand somebody from management come out of their office and explain the extra charge. Unfortunately he was still waiting as I was leaving. Anybody thinking of shopping early at Wal-Mart is in for a rude awakening. They have TWO registers open...the tobacco lane (already 5 deep when I was leaving) and one express lane.


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